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February 2022

This is not a Roadmap, this is a Journey.

Buns have friends, a lot of friends: Origin, Genesis, Burbur, Elfree and Olympus. And they always want to make more friends. Next Decade, the company behind, wants to help Buns to achieve their goal and are developing an app that will allow NFT collectors to have NFTs in one place, the Next Decade App.

We hope you'll enjoy the Alpha Journey and will share your experience with many. Let's grow the Buns fam!

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Our collections


In collaboration with Signum, brings you Olympus, 12 unique 3D buns, brought to life by the souls of 12 unique rough diamonds.
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250 unique buns designed by talented artists,such as No More Mondays and Angelo Yoto, taking roots in a one-of-a-kind fashion show.
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The first original bun collection, set to explore the galaxy in search of the legendary carrot-covered planet.
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Next Decade