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Limited Edition Collection: Olympus

In collaboration with Signum, Buns.Land brings you our collection, Olympus.
Adoption for the Olympus Collection began on December 19th, 2021 at 07:00 pm CEST / 10:00 am PST.
It was sold out in less than 5 minutes.

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The Collection

12 uniquely designed 3D buns, brought to life by the souls of 12 unique rough diamonds.
Interact with buns in your wallet.
Or trade it on OpenSea.

  • Diamond Bun

  • Mother Nature

  • Robonny

  • Space Traveler

  • BadBun

  • Gummy Bun

  • Furbun

  • The Shiny One

  • The Gold Digger

  • The Relic

  • The Legend

  • Voxel


Olympus was designed in collaboration with Signum, a luxury experience brand that links physical and digital diamond ownership.
Signum gives consumers the opportunity to foster the co-creation of a diamond, beginning with a rough natural diamond.
By investing economically and socially in each diamond’s origin country, HB Antwerp (Signum's "real world" brand) ensures fair trade and has a positive impact at every step of the process.

More information on Signum.


Rough diamonds are extremely unique and valuable...for the first time ever, the owner has the choice to keep this rough diamond, or forge it into multiple polished pieces.
Although this collection is purely digital, with digital rough stone (metaroughs), future collections will have a digital twin attached to real rough diamonds.

Step 1: December 19 - Drop of Signum x Limited Edition Collection, Olympus. NFTs include a bun and a rough.
Step 2: January - Airdrop of 1 unique meta rough diamond for every Olympus bun (12 roughs total).
Step 3: February - Meta rough owners can forge the meta rough diamond into multiple meta polished diamonds, imitating the real world rough to polished diamond transformation.
Owners can decide when to forge their rough (if ever).

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